NWP Chaperones: WGI Worlds @ Dayton, Ohio

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Chaperoning for the WGI Worlds trip is a very important and valued role for our program.  As such, we have listed out the full list of roles and responsibilities listed in the Band & Guard Handbook.  If you would like to express your interest in chaperoning this trip, please contact Erika Sandy or Laura Taylor with additional questions!

Note:  You must have chaperoned at least 2 events prior to serving as a chaperone for Dayton.

  1. Chaperones on each trip are responsible for the students on their bus. Chaperones will be given an attendance sheet to take attendance. This sheet is used to take attendance at the beginning of the trip and again each time the students get back on the bus to ensure that all members have returned to the bus they started out on. Chaperones should carry this list with them at all times. 
  2. Chaperones will not consume alcoholic beverages, smoke or take illegal drugs at any time during the trip. 
  3. Every chaperone on each bus needs to have a cell phone. Keep it on at all times. Someone may need to reach you. In addition, the director, the staff and some members of the pit crew will have cell phones. 
  4. Upon boarding the buses, chaperones should put the blue bus number sign in the bus window. 
  5. While at the competition field, chaperones may be asked to do a number of jobs to help the band and guard prepare for competition: 
    • Remain with the band and guard as they warm up 
    • Hand out and gather plumes 
    • Collect and carry windbreakers 
    • Carry water 
    • Escort band and guard members to rest rooms 
    • Carry a first-aid kit 
    • Mend uniforms (sew on buttons, fix hats, etc.) 
    • Remind band and guard members to pick up all garbage before leaving the bus at the end of the trip 
    • Do a bus check for items left behind, and bring them to the band room 
    • Other times chaperones may sit in the stands to watch the competition 
  6. NO siblings are allowed to accompany chaperones. As a chaperone, you are responsible for the safety of our band and guard members. This is an important job that needs your full attention. 
  7. Chaperones will be contacted before each competition to verify they are still available to chaperone that trip. 
  8. All problems or potential problems, including health problems, must be reported to a staff member or head chaperone. Any discipline is the responsibility of the staff. 
  9. After each competition, to ensure that students are picked up on time, have students call/text when the bus is 15 minutes away from NHS. Please make sure students get confirmation from text or call. The head chaperone needs to make sure the director is aware of any situation of repeated late pickups. Please note the head chaperone must remain until all students have been picked up. Chaperones must check in with the head chaperone prior to leaving and return any items such as first-aid kits and chaperone bags. 

CHAPERONES FOR OVERNIGHT TRIPS MUST BE FINGERPRINTED ACCORDING TO DISTRICT SCHOOL POLICY! In addition to the guidelines above, chaperones for overnight trips will have additional responsibilities:

  1. Chaperones will meet with the director prior to the trip to discuss policies, procedures, floor plans, room assignments, medical and special circumstances, itinerary, etc. 
  2. Chaperones will assist in luggage/instrument check prior to departure. 
  3. Head chaperone will hold all personal/medical information and consent forms. One chaperone from each bus will be in charge of first-aid kits/chaperone bag. 
  4. Chaperones will take attendance prior to departure and after each time students board the buses. 
  5. Upon arrival at the hotel, Chaperones will check in with each of their assigned rooms. Chaperones should compile a list of cell phone numbers for the students they are supervising. They should also give students their cell phone number. At this time, chaperones should remind students that they must follow the buddy system at all times, even in the hotel. No student should be left alone in a room at any time. In addition, students should be told that a group of boys and girls are allowed to be in the room at the same time, but one boy and one girl are not allowed to be in the room alone. If this rule is violated, the incident should be reported to the head chaperone or to the director. 
  6. Chaperones will remain with the band and guard during the competition. 
  7. Chaperones will remain with the band and guard when returning to the hotel at the end of the day and stay with the band and guard during hotel free time. Chaperones will monitor hallways, pool area, common areas and outside areas. Chaperones are on duty the entire length of the overnight trip. Chaperones will not consume alcoholic beverages, smoke or take illegal drugs at any time during the trip. 
  8. Chaperones keep students aware of schedule changes. 
  9. Chaperones are responsible for performing room checks AT curfew, even if students said they were going to sleep earlier. Chaperones need to have a visual of each student at curfew check. If security is provided after curfew, chaperones do not need to patrol hallways after curfew. If there are any violations of curfew, chaperones should notify the head chaperone or the director. 
  10. Even though students have wake-up calls and alarm clocks, chaperones will ensure that students are up and ready to move at the start of the day. Attendance at breakfast each morning is mandatory. Chaperones will place wake-up calls to their assigned rooms and/or knock on doors to make sure all students are awake. Chaperones will remind students that no student should be left in a room alone. Students must follow the buddy system at all times, even in the hotel. All students should be instructed to check in with their 24 assigned chaperones at breakfast to assure that everyone makes it down to breakfast at the assigned time. If your students do not check in, follow up and call their room, and/or go to their room. 
  11. Chaperones will accompany students and staff to all events. 
  12. At locations such as museums, city walks, and so forth, students check in with chaperones according to room assignments and predetermined times. Chaperones should keep their compiled list of cell phone numbers for the students they are supervising with them at all times. Chaperones should also keep their bus lists with them at all times. 
  13. Assist occasionally with equipment transportation. 
  14. Prior to checking out of the hotel, chaperones will perform room checks to make sure their students’ rooms are tidy and garbage is collected. No student may leave his or her room until their room has been cleared by their chaperone. Please remind students to leave a tip, $1/student. After the room is cleared, students report to the bus with their roommates. 
  15. Chaperones are not expected to pay for the trip. They are fulfilling an important service for the band. 
  16. From the students, expect nothing less than complete cooperation, courtesy and respect. If this is not the case, report the student(s) immediately to the band director. 
  17. The band director reserves the right of approval for all chaperones.
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